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List of talks and lectures

The Strange Death of Gerda Taro (Joint talk with Jane Rogoyska at the Cañada Blanch Centre for Contemporary Spanish Studies, L.S.E., 2018).

Wars and Peace: the long history of the International Brigades (key note lecture at CHIA post-graduate conference, Leeds 2018).

From the Angel to Aragón: Islington, the International Brigades and the Spanish Civil War (London, 2018).

Oxfordshire & the Spanish Civil War (Oxford, 2017).

Changing the Front and the Weapons; former British and Irish International Brigaders in
the Second World War (Leeds, 2017).

Internationalism and National Identity in the International Brigades (Manchester, 2017. Len Crome Memorial Lecture. An edited version of the talk appears in the IBMT Magazine, 45, February 2017).

South Yorkshire volunteers in the Spanish Civil War (Nottingham, 2016).

Comrades and Commissars: the Communist Party of Great Britain and the British Battalion in Spain (Oxford, 2016).

‘Britons’ in Spain? The national groups making up the British ‘Saklatvala’ Battalion of the 15th International Brigade (London, 2016).

The Art of War: Felicia Browne and Clive Branson in Spain (Chichester, 2015).

The Oxford volunteers (Oxford, 2014).

¡No Pasarán! *the volunteers and their return to Britain (London, 2013).

The British at the Battle of the Ebro, 1938 (Cambrils, 2013).

Jack Jones’ involvement in the Spanish Civil War (Manchester, 2013).

George Orwell and the British Battalion (2013 Len Crome Memorial Lecture, available to watch on YouTube).

The Cambridge volunteers (Cambridge, 2012).

Unlikely Warriors: British volunteers in the Spanish Civil War and the Struggle Against Fascism (London, 2012).

The Old Men Waiting Patiently. Life in the Jarama trenches during the spring of 1937 (Liverpool, 2012).

Defeat and Exile: British volunteers and Basque children in Britain, 1937 to 1945 (London, 2012. Basque Children’s Association annual lecture).

Cable Street: the road to Spain (London, 2011).

Irish volunteers and the British Battalion (Dublin, 2011).

Antifascistas! (Various locations, 2010-11).

Three Months in Spain: The British Battalion at Madrigueras and and Jarama, from January to March 1937 (London, 2010. Len Crome Memorial Lecture, published in Jim Jump, ed., Looking Back at the Spanish Civil War, 2010).

British and Irish volunteers and the Battle of Jarama, 12-14 February 1937 (Madrid, 2010. Available online).

Myths of the International Brigades (Dublin, 2009. Published in the Bulletin of Spanish Studies, Volume 91, Issue 1-2, 2014, available online).

The British Veterans of the International Brigades in the Second World War (Bristol, 2008).

Laurie Lee: Writer or Fighter? (London, 2004. Len Crome Memorial Lecture, published in Jim Jump, ed., Looking Back at the Spanish Civil War, 2010).

Who were the British volunteers and why did they go to Spain (London, 2000).

British volunteers in the Spanish Civil War (London, 1999).